Welcome to Sylvanus Farm
Welcome to Sylvanus Farm
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Organic Beef & ChickenCattle give us a great gift. They convert the products of land that is unusable for cultivating crops into highly nutritious food as well as fertility for garden crops. In exchange for these great gifts, we constantly rotate the cattle onto fresh green pasture, protect them from predators, care for their health, and provide for them a lifestyle that is nearly ideal in its bovine perfection.

Organic Beef & Chicken

Our beef cattle are never given antibiotics or hormones. They eat a diet that is almost entirely grass, making the meat leaner and more healthful than their grain-fed counterparts.

Beef in a variety of steaks, roasts, and burger are available to CSA members during the season.

In the fall, natural pork is available by the cut to CSA members.

Organic Beef & Chicken
A portable chicken coop provides shelter and fresh grass to flocks of meat chickens as they are raised for sale to Sylvanus Farm CSA members.

As we rotate our chickens through the fruit orchard, they eat insects and grass while they fertilize the trees. The chickens prevent the sod from overwhelming the trees and provide us with eggs and meat of the highest quality. The chickens receive protection from predators, fresh food and water, and plenty of space to run and experience the full potential of chickendom.

The chickens are not given antibiotics or growth stimulants that are found in factory-type operations.

Eggs from our free range laying hens are available on a weekly basis during the delivery season.


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